What is Eco-ficient ?

The need to save energy

Since the Kyoto Protocol Treaty, more and more emphasis has been put on the need for energy saving awareness affecting individuals and businesses alike. The treaty outlined targets for developed countries to reduce their CO2 emissions; a challenging task due to the increasing use of cars and industrial development.

The role of lighting in energy consumption

Reports about the role of lighting in energy consumption indicate the total number of units of electricity consumed by the lighting installation will be affected by the length of time the lighting is switched on, which depends on the amount of daylight that is present and whether the room is occupied, but also whether there are suitable controls, either manual or automatic, to ensure optimum lighting conditions without lights being left on unnecessarily.

In the service sector up to 40% of electricity is used for lighting alone.

Hager's Eco-ficient products will bring significant advantages for energy saving.

Simple and efficient control of lighting

Time switches

Simple and effective energy savings can be achieved by setting these devices so that the various loads are only switched on when they are actually needed.


Presence sensors ideal for controlling lighting in office spaces while motion sensors particularly effective used in low traffie areas such as bathrooms, toilets and storerooms.

Twillight switches

Provide control of lighting circuits with automatic switch off after a pre-set time. This makes them ideal for energy saving in corridor or staircase type applications, with pre-warning of switch off and double delay functions for the occupant's safety.


Dimmers provide opportunities for energy savings as it reduces the total power consumed for lighting under dimmed situations.
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