Time switches

Hager digital time switches have been developed and adapted to suit today’s expectations of contractors and end users. Time switches are available in digital and electromechanical range.


Digital time switches

  • EG103 and EG203
  • EG103E/V and EG203E (evolution versions)

Electromechanical time switches

  • programming by captive segments
  • manual override: for 1 module products
  • permanent ON for 3 module products
  • permanent OFF minimum switching time
  • 15 min for daily dial
  • 2h for weekly dial

Programming information

You can print a personalised file for your customers. Thus all the project and programming information can be kept in the electrical distribution board.

Your customer can use different keys to adapt the programs to their installation.
In addition, the “evolution” range offers your customers new functions, like programming of a holiday period or occupancy simulation. A double - click on a program step is enough to quickly modify the programming. The program can be saved on PC and / or be transferred on a key via the EG003 interface.

4 channel digital time switches

4 channel digital time switches weekly and annual cycle in commercial premises timed programming often requires the use of multi-circuit equipment with large programming capacities for a weekly or annual cycle, the EG400 digital time switch is a compact modular unit (4 mod.) which replaces electromechanical clocks efficiently.

Hager’s Time switches are recommended for command of lighting circuit, heating,water pumps and ventilation control.

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