Modular Protection Devices (MPD)

In its continued pursuit to provide its customers with superior product solutions, Hager has introduced its new range of Modular Protection Devices (MPD). The new range of MPD will provide more features and more safety for the customer.

Features and benefits

Safety features include:
  • IP2X casing, offering protection against direct contact at the screw level and the terminal level.
  • Special terminals with insulated metal part to prevent faulty insertion of cable, avoiding the risks of overheating.
  • Sealable and padlockable MCBs and RCBs in order to protect people who work on the electrical installation.
  • Laser marking on the product.
  • Grey toggle.
  • Pull up terminals.
  • Rectangular test button on RCCBs.

Made by Hager

The "made by hager " logo will replace the existing hologram and represent the Hager symbol of quality.

The new range is compatible with the existing range of products in terms of terminal level for busbar, auxiliaries and accessories.
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