Surge protective devices type 2

SPDs with plug in cartridge ensure general protection of electric equipment and protection in common and differential mode for domestic, industrial and commercial buildings.

Plug in cartridge

  • Available as option, the replacement cartridge allows simple replacement without the need to cut-off the power supply,
  • Cartridges are available for all discharge currents (65 kA, 40 kA) with reserve protection indicator,
  • A special plug slot system will prevent a line cartridge being interchanged by mistake with a neutral cartridge and vice versa.


  • 15kA, 40 kA et 65 kA,
  • 2 versions : SPDs with base and plug in cartridges with an end of life indication LED - SPDs with base and auxiliary contact for remote signallings and plug in cartridges with reserve protection indicator. This version, with reserve
    indicator, shows the intermediary state, with indication of the need to change the cartridge before disconnection, but keeps the maximal protection capacity till the end,
  • For remote signalling, an auxiliary contact (R version) is used to report the information of condition indication until the end of life of the product.

Other technical characteristics

  • The cartridge allows simple replacement without the need to cut-off the power supply,
  • SPDs are equipped with integrated thermic and dynamic disconnection,
  • Connection capacity of terminal blocks, (L, N/E) : 16mm˛ flexible conductor, 25mm˛ rigid conductor. For auxiliary contact : 0,5mm˛ mini, 1,5mm˛ maxi,
  • The connection of surge protective devices to earth in parallel and / or in series allow to reduce the cable length and thus to reduce the residual voltage (Up). A blue marking on the neutral terminal will prevent any wiring mistake,
  • Degree of protection: IP 203.
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