Surface Mounted Occupancy Sensor

Hager has launched a surface mounted version of its Klik light sensitive occupancy sensor for lighting controls.

Occupancy sensor

The Klik OS2/PSM unit can be fixed directly to any surface or to a BESA box and is for use where occupancy sensors are needed when there are no false ceilings.

The Klik OS2/PSM unit is a simple but effective means of offering basic lighting control. It combines switching in response to movement and light levels and has a detection diameter of 6m when used at 2.4m height. If the ambient light levels are below that set for the photocell and movement triggers the occupancy sensor the lights will switch on. Once switched on the photocell is deactivated until the lights are turned off, this avoids nuisance switching in response to temporary falls in light level. If no movement is then detected for a preset time out then the lights will be switched off. The Klik OS2/PSM has a switching capacity of 6 amps and is suitable for all fluorescent loads.


The photocell is adjustable to different illumination levels and the time out period for the occupancy sensor is also adjustable between 2 and 37 minutes. An infra red remote control can be used to adjust these parameters, allowing time savings during installation and commissioning. The end user can manually override Klik OS2/PSM with a separate infra red remote controller.


The new sensor is compatible with Hager’s Klik LDS distribution boxes, which allows planning and installation of simple, local group lighting control systems. Klik LDS can run a single, or two separate lighting circuits thanks to its dual switching capability so either one or two Klik sensors may be used for control.
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