Hager Muse

Design for comfort and safety
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Hager Muse designs for aesthetic and safe.

High 16AX rating

  • The rated current of switch is 16AX which meets the requirement of using electricity safely in all aspects.

13A switched socket outlet with USB charger

  • The socket outlet comes with two 2.4A USB chargers which intuitively adapt to devices with different power consumption ensure safe and fast charging.

USB protected against surge voltages

  • Protection against transient surge voltage for the USB circuits are provided at 2500Vac, 2.5 times higher than IEC requirement. USB output maintains at 5Vdc to ensure optimum safety for users and equipment being charged.

Beehive-like plate

  • Beehive structure, praised highly in aviation technology, has the advantages of super-strong intensity and light weight. It is used for support of the switch panel, which makes it firmer and more durable.
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