Front product labelling (FPL)

Identification of the electrical circuits can be easily done on the front of the MCB.
A paper stripe can be placed and clipped on the MCB for easy identification and handling.

Identification of the electrical circuits

  • To print the individual labels on a stripe of paper, sheets up to 0,4mm thickness can be used.
  • While clipping the label holder, a spring effect makes it possible to maintain the label in place.
  • Markings can be done with "Semiolog", available for all registered users to download in this website.
  • The "Semiolog" software makes it possible to create and print marking stripes and identification of circuits for the whole range of Hager enclosures (Golf, Volta, Vega, ...).
  • Identification of circuit, pictograms, designations... brings a very aesthetic and practical final touch to the distribution panel.
  • Several models of labels are proposed such as a combination of pictures with 2 texts or identification of circuit labels with 2 pictures or text only. Many preset texts are memorized in the text editor. Many coloured or black/white pictograms are available.
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