IP55/66 weatherproof range

Hager IP55/66 weatherproof range of wiring accessories are tough, durable options for outdoor or the more aduous environments around your home, commercial buildings or workshops.


IP55 switches can be operated through the clear membrane thereby maintaining IP55 rating. Status of the switch (on/off) can be seen through the clear membrane.
  • Clear silicon gasket allows operation of switch without lifting cover.
  • Clear silicon gasket is replaceable.
  • Large switch rocker allows easy operation.
  • Mounting screws locations segregated from the back box by gaskets for improved IP installations.
  • 20mm conduit entries available on all sides.
  • IP rated cable gland included.

IP55 Switches

250V 10 AX rated,
Available in 1, 2 & 3 gang.

IP55 Single & twin sockets

Switched and un-switched sockets outlets.


Made of UV stabilized chemically resistant polycarbonate material, the range is rated IP66 as per BS EN 60529.
  • High quality neopropene seals, unaffected by high ambient temperatures.
  • Socket lids that can be closed completely even with the plug and chord inserted.
  • AX rated switches that come with neon location indicators.
  • Products are dust tight and can be washed with a pressure hose.

IP66 characteristics

Neopropene seals will not stain cablesLid can be closed fully when 13A plug with cord grip is inserted

IP66 range

Switches2 gang switchSockets & cable outlets

IP66 isolator

The range of IP66 isolators are designed to be used in outdoor applications with IP 66 degree of protection. They are rated at AC23A and offer 2 poles, 3 poles and 3 poles with switched neutral.
  • Ingress protection : IP66
  • Tested and complied to BSEN 60947-3
  • Compact design
  • Two quick release screws on top cover supports easy installation & opening
  • UV grade polycarbonate
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