Motion detectors

Motion detectors are used for automatic control of lighting in both the residential and private/public industry sectors.


They automatically switch on lighting in case a person in movement is detected and light is needed.
Those devices bring comfort and security on the ways to houses, garages as well as for passage halls.
The detectors switch ON when there is a need of light, and turn off the light after a defined delay (set via potentiometer).

Basic detectors

  • 230V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • 10A AC1
  • 1500 W incandescent
  • Detection angle: 140 / 200 / 360
  • Detection distance: 16m (12m diameter for version 360) Settable luminosity from 5 to 1000 lux Time setting from 5s. to 15 min. Can also generate impulses.

Enhanced detectors (on request)

  • 230V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • 16A AC1
  • 2300 W incandescent
  • Detection angle: 140 / 220 / 220 - 360
  • Detection distance: 16m (+ 6m diameter for version 220- 360) Settable luminosity from 5 to 1000 lux Time setting from 5s. to 15 min. (30 min. with IR remote control) Can also generate impulses. Sensibility: min 20%, max 100%


Those detectors can be mounted on a wall, on a ceiling or in a corner. This high flexibility offer a solution to most application cases. In addition, the cable entries possibilities are also various: from the bottom, from the back and from the top.
Basic detector
Enhanced detector
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