tebis KNX home automation

tebis KNX home automation uses the technology of the installation Bus for the control of lighting, heating and roller-shutters or other similar loads, in both residential and commercial applications.

tebis KNX - a system for residential & commercial applications

It offers simple solutions to make installations offering benefits, that a traditional electrical installation cannot provide.

tebis KNX home automation respects usual installation habits. Electrical contractors can continue to use familiar materials and gain precious time in planning, then wiring, as there is only one cable connecting each push button to the next. Right up to - and after - completion of wiring, you can choose which switch controls which light : the building user can decide at the last minute.
By controlling loads using tebis KNX home automation, the electrical installation can be modified and the use or configuration of the building changed, without touching the LV installation.

When tebis KNX home automation is used, the degree of automation is no longer limited by the complexity of cabling : new benefits can be offered, which were previously impractical...

The products in the tebis KNX home automation range have been designed to simplify installation for the electrical contractor, while offering a wide range of applications for controlling lighting, heating, shutters and other loads.

To assist Specifiers and Installers, Hager runs complementary training sessions at its fully integrated EIB training room.

The control module or configurator enables setting, from the distribution board, of the relationships between the inputs and the electrical loads.
tebis KNX - a system which is easy to install
Hager has many years experience developing and installing products based on Bus technology. tebis KNX brings the following benefits :
  • integrate within one system services and functions which previously worked independently from each other.
  • make modifications easier
  • make the electrical installation more reliable, reducing the chance of electrocution
  • tailoring the switch commands to ensure greater user comfort

Benefits of tebis KNX

Using bus technology provides a series of benefits over conventional installation practices

  • tebis KNX provides the technical infrastructure to change and evolve, allowing for expansion or change of use.
  • tebis KNX offers the technology to realise true energy savings through automation.
  • tebis KNX is compatible with any brand, design or finish of wall switch and accessory.
  • Minimal cabling is involved when installing a bus system.


In a sport hall

Features of tebis KNX

tebis KNX uses the technology of the installation bus for the control of lighting, heating and roller-shutters or other similar loads and is ideal for commercial applications, giving the advanced control and flexibility often required.

Saving Energy with tebis KNX

tebis KNX technology can achieve true energy savings through building automation. Maximum energy savings are achieved where the system controls digital lighting and heating.

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