Automation & Control Devices

Control, signalization and management of circuits with Hager automation and control devices.

Push Buttons

The new design of Hager devices will give a modern appearance to the distribution board – sign of an advanced electrical installation.

Time Switches

For the control of lighting, heating, ventilation, household appliances, etc, on the basis of time intervals specified.

To improve comfort and savings
Conforms to standard: EN 60730
Available in digital or analog versions
1 & 2 channel for hourly, daily and weekly or yearly programming.

63A Modular Changeover Switches

Is the unique solution for the control between two power supplies.

It has been developed in order to extend the current range of modular changeover switch to 63A.

It meets our customers’ need to have a changeover switch compatible with the hager modular enclosure (fitted on DIN rail clip and for normal safety application).

Indicator Lights

Signal the functions like emergency, normal and abnormal functionning, priority setting and neutral actions.

Modular Isolating & Changeover Switches

Can be used for remote switching and control of power circuits.

Latching Relays

Latching relays operate when impulsed by signal voltage provided through a pushbutton or switch.

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