Features of tebis KNX

tebis KNX uses the technology of the installation bus for the control of lighting, heating and roller-shutters or other similar loads and is ideal for commercial applications, giving the advanced control and flexibility often required.

Comfort & Sophistication

  • Switch all lights on or off from one point or achieve the same functionality from anywhere using a remote control.
  • Set the scene with a single button for various scenarios and repetitive situations, e.g. dimmed for presentations or full on for cleaning etc.
  • Switches mounted on any surface with or without cabling.
  • In-room LCD display of temperature, state of circuits, etc with integrated switching functionality.

Automation & Energy Saving

  • Lighting can be controlled manually or automatically taking into consideration, the time of day, whether a space is occupied or even the level of natural light.
  • A single switch could raise or lower shutters, switch off lights, heating or cooling when leaving - ideal for closing time.

Security & Safety

  • Presence simulation during absence, e.g. during holidays or out of hours.
  • Reduced risk of electrocution by use of the very low voltage (29V) on all switches.

Future Proof

  • Any brand, design or finish of wiring accessories can be used with this system allowing for change with trends and fashion.
  • Each switch or input can be modified to contol any one of several outputs at any time & additional switches can be added wherever needed with or without wiring.
  • Using tebis KNX means that last minute changes to the functionality or operation of the building do not incur significant cost or disruption.
  • With 20 years of smart building systems experience, the Hager guarantee is one that only a top quality world leader can offer.
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