Klik lighting connection

Klik secure connection system provides an innovative solution to a variety of electrical connection requirements. Systems are available for lighting and power distribution applications. Simple lighting control schemes can be achieved using our lighting distribution system and our unique occupancy sensors.

Lighting distribution

The Klik connector system brings simplicity, plug-in convenience and versatility for lighting installations.
Luminaires can be plugged in, in seconds, in absolute safety, without circuit isolation. It is a unique modular plug and socket interface that provides simultaneous mechanical and electrical connection in one click-in action.

Digital lighting controls

Klik Digital is a lighting control system that provides simple and efficient lighting control, which consistently monitors lighting levels to achieve cost and efficiency savings. Klik Digital can be used with DSI and DALI protocols.

Energy saving

Lighting is one of the most energy-consuming services in a building. The Klik occupancy sensors can be used to ensure lighting is only on when required subsequently reducing operating costs.

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