Surge protective devices : a complete range

Hager SPD's protect electric and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and switching transient sources.


  • The protection cartridge is easy to replace, no need to cut off the power supply,
  • The implementation has been simplified by connecting Surge Protective Devices to earth in parallel (shunt) and / or in series,
  • Less references.

A complete offer with multiple advantages

These transients can cause anything from the premature aging of equipment, logic failures and down time, to the complete destruction of electrical components and the entire electrical distribution system. Surge protective devices are strongly recommended in sites that are exposed and prone to lightning, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical appliances such as TV's, washing machines, Hi-Fi's, PC's, VCR's, alarm systems etc...

The Hager surge protective devices offer is practical to implement and the references can be easily chosen.

For any SPD requirement - Hager has the offer

Plug in cartridges

Available for all discharge current capacities (65kA, 40kA, 15kA), for surge protective devices type 2 (IEC-61643). Plug in cartridges make replacement of the protection easier, without need to cut off the power supply. Available with or without condition indicator.

In addition, a special plug slot system on the socket will prevent a line cartridge being interchanged by mistake with a neutral one and vice versa.

New references

A “N” for “New” has been added to the old references. For example, surge protective device SP065R becomes SPN065R.
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