Benefits of tebis KNX

Using bus technology provides a series of benefits over conventional installation practices, as mentioned below.


  • tebis KNX provides the technical infrastructure to change and evolve, allowing for expansion or change of use.
  • With smart building system technology, functional changes cause relatively little additional expenditure during the construction and installation phases.

Energy Control

  • tebis KNX offers the technology to realise true energy savings through automation.
  • Maximum energy savings are achieved where the system controls digital lighting and heating.
  • Configuring the system for both automatic switching of lighting/heating plus predetermined timed settings is simplicity itself.

Future Proofing

  • tebis KNX is compatible with any brand, design or finish of wall switch and accessory.
  • Each input device can control any one or several outputs and can be modified at any time using the remote control programming tool.
  • RF products can be used along side wired devices, so that the system can be expanded without running new cable and changes can be made with ease.

Install & Commissioning

  • Minimal cabling is involved when installing a bus system.
  • It can consist of a single twisted pair cable or bus line, a series of RF devices communicating with each other, or a mix of both.
  • For long cable runs it is more cost effective to use a data cable over power cables to achieve the switching commands.
  • Data cabling configurations can be of radial, star or tree types.
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